Frovolution | What is My Hair Type?
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What is My Hair Type?

Hair types

We remember when we first went for our first shoot and someone asked us “What are your hair types?” and we were like “what do you mean what are our hair types like is that even a thing?”

That is how we discovered that yeah it is a thing and we each knew our hair types. On this post we shall be discussing hair types and how you can identify where you fall in that chart.


Categorically, there are four hair types.

  1. Straight hair
  2. Wavy hair
  3. Curly hair
  4. Kinky hair


1.     Straight hair

This type of hair is just straight as it is called. It has no curl pattern even when wet it is still straight. Out of all hair types this is the hair type that has the most oil because its straight nature makes it easy for the natural hair sebum to reach the ends of the hair.

2.     Wavy hair


This category of hair falls in between the straight and curly hair. This hair has three sub categories: A, B and C. These sub categories refer to the diameter of the curl.

  • 2A

This hair has a ‘S’ pattern and the hair tends to stick close to the head.

  • 2B

This hair is a bit resistant to styling and tends to be frizzy. It tends to have more waves than the 2A.

  • 2C

This hair has thicker waves and is resistant to styling and tends to frizz just like the 2B

3.     Curly hair

This hair has curls with our without products. Most people who fall in this category tend to have a combination of texture and can end having two or three textures.

  • 3A

This hair has loose curls and therefore its curls have the largest diameter of the three sub categories. People who fall in this category can have a combination of textures. This hair is thick and has lots of body.

  • 3B

This hair has tight curls and people who fall in this category can also have a combination of textures.

  • 3C

This hair has the tighter curls than the 3B with lots and lots of strands densely packed together. The coils are also much defined and they are commonly referred to as “cork screw coils”.


4.     Kinky Hair

This hair tends to be the driest of all other categories because the twist and turns in the hair makes it hard for moisture to get to the scalp. It is the dryness that makes it fragile and therefore needs a lot of care and gentleness when dealing with it. It also tends to shrink down hence one cannot determine its actual length by just looking at it.

  • 4A

This sub category it’s referred to as ‘soft’. The head is full of miniature tightly coiled curls and when wet it can shrink to less than half its length. It is also very fragile.

  • 4B

This sub category is referred to as ‘wiry’. The coils are less defined than the 4A.When the hair is wet a ‘Z’ pattern can be easily spotted. It is less tightly coiled than the 4A too.

  • 4C

This cub category of hair is tightly kinked. There is seemingly no curl definition which makes it extra hard to detangle.


We hope this article sheds a lot of light to y’all and you can now tell where on the chart you fall. Make sure you subscribe to get alerts when we post new articles and let us know what you would like us to talk about.