Frovolution | Protective Style 4/4 – Natural Hair Updos
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Protective Style 4/4 – Natural Hair Updos


Are you wondering what to do with your afro and do you ends get so tangled by the end of the day?

As you’ve seen on our last three posts on Protective Styling, we were showing you the various ways one can Style their Crotchet Braids, Afro Kinky Braids and Faux Locs. We hope you tried them out 🙂

In this post, which is the last segment of our #ProtectiveStylingSeries (Boo Hoo), we will be sharing with you some Fun and Easy ways to Style your Hair and still protect it from damage and also simple styles that do not need you combing your hair to achieve them.

By tying up or tucking in the ends of your hair, you minimize the damage caused to your Mane. Leaving you hair open means that the ends of your hair, which are the weakest and oldest, are exposed to the sun and keep rubbing on your shoulders and clothes which may lead them to getting tangled, split ends or even worse, break off due to the friction caused.




One thing most naturalistas know is that once a style is old, put you hair up in a bun.

When we leave our hair down, keep combing it or playing with it all the time, a lot of damage can be done and that is why it is advisable to have a Protective Style on from time to time.


Protective Styles are  to basically give your hair a break and letting it breathe. Sure! It sounds boring and what not, Plus who wouldn’t want to Flaunt their Mane especially when it’s looking all lovely and luscious after a Blow out or Flat Iron? But one should look at the larger picture here, which is basically to keep it Healthy and Strong… Long term Goals people, Long Term Goals.

Most of the times you hear people saying:  “If I had long hair I would wear it down all the time” Very tempting if you ask me 😉 But in most cases you’ll find that most people who have Long Healthy Hair will tell you that one of the ways they manage to retain length is by protecting their Tresses most of the time.

The Don’ts


One thing to note though is to avoid pulling or tying your hair very tightly, or using a band that contains some metallic aspect in it as this will cause your hair to tear. Is you hair thinning out and breaking out? Be ware of the accessories you use on your hair.

Tucked Ends


This Style is Super Trendy and one can rock it to work or switch it up for an evening look. It’s all about your creativity 😉

One of the Greatest secrets to Growing Healthy Hair and retaining Length is by having the Ends Protected most of the time and of course, Having a consistent hair regimen.

NB Before getting a Protective Style, ensure your hair is well moisturized and your split ends are trimmed away. Health over Length is one of the Slogan we go by, and so should you 🙂 

We really enjoyed Showing you the different ways we Style our Hair/ Braids/ Locs and we hope you did too. We hope that our #ProtectiveStylesSeries was helpful and feel free to give us feedback on your thoughts.

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