Frovolution | My Haldha Experience : Carol
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My Haldha Experience : Carol


Hi guys,

Today I want to share with you guys one of my favorite new brands here in Kenya, Haldha Naturals. Early in the year we got a chance to work with Haldha naturals and I have been using their products for a while now and y’all I’m in love!!!.I love the fact that the products contain Marula and Argan oil which means that during the whole washing and process my hair doesn’t feel dry. I have never stayed with a style on my head for more than three days and this time I went for a week and a half. Can you see how bouncy those curls are??Thanks to my two favorite natural hair stylists: @hair_by_dennis_wa_gladys and @the_hairdresser254


We started off by prepooing my hair using Haldha naturals hair subag. This my people is the mother of all. If you have dry hair I highly recommend this product to you. The shine in my hair was from Mars. I literally did not even oil my hair that whole week because the shine was still there any my hair was still moisturized.

After the pre poo, we washed my hair using Haldha naturals anti hair loss and anti-dandruff shampoo. What I love about this shampoo is that it doesn’t dry my hair and I only need to use a little because it goes a long way and since I started using it I noticed that my scalp has become less itchy.

Then came my favorite product from the whole line the Haldha naturals Hair Conditioner. You guys I wish I could show you guys the results after using it to detangle my hair. I have never seen my curls pop this much just from using a conditioner alone. Plus the shine. I went to wash my hair at the salon the other day and my hairdresser was shocked. Hands down guys this is now my best conditioner. My hair fell in love with it and I can’t get over it.


Since I was doing a flexi rod set I had to use the Haldha naturals Curl Cream. First, this curl cream is light and dries real quick therefore doesn’t weigh down the hair and also the way is makes the curls pop. I hope you can actually see for yourself. I also used it to do bantu knots a while back and let’s just say that I’m beyond impressed. I also like the fact that my hair did not frizz like it mostly does.

When I was doing the bantu knots, I started on dry hair and so we used Haldha Naturals Silky Spray so as to moisturize and I loved it. It does add shine to the hair and does what it meant to do moisturize.

Over the past weekend I tried Haldha naturals hydrating hair mask. My hair was really dry because I had it in a bun for a week and it was not moisturized and my scalp was dry and I decided to try the hydrating mask. First, I love how it easy to work it to the hair due to is consistency. It’s not runny/ watery and secondly I love how it made my hair feel after washing it off. It was super moisturized and still managed to leave it shinny.

Will I be restocking Haldha naturals again? Hell YES, I will. They work for me plus the scent it heavenly. Give it a try guys and let me know your experience in the comments.