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Hair Care, Hair styles / 03.08.2016

  Are you wondering what to do with your afro and do you ends get so tangled by the end of the day? As you've seen on our last three posts on Protective Styling, we were showing you the various ways one can Style their Crotchet Braids, Afro Kinky Braids and Faux Locs. We hope you tried them out :) In this post, which is the last segment of our #ProtectiveStylingSeries (Boo Hoo), we will be sharing with you some Fun and Easy ways to Style your Hair and still protect it from damage and also simple styles that do not need you combing your hair to achieve them.
Faux Locs, Hair Care, Hair styles, Natural Hair Care, Protective Styles, Protective Styling Series / 28.07.2016

  Hi, Emily here :) and during our #ProtectiveStylingSeries running this month, I will be showing you the different ways I style my Faux Locs. I'd been considering getting the Faux Locs done for a while now. They were the new "in thing" that every girl in Nairobi was getting and they looked really good, especially as they aged. There was only one problem, everyone that had had them would all tell me that if I ever considered getting them done, I'd have to be prepared to give up sleep for not one, but two weeks (Gasp!)
Hair Care, Hair styles / 08.07.2016

13613559_1765761020332741_1549082586231948155_o Hi, my name is Ivy and as promised, here is part one of the Protective Styles we'll be featuring during our #ProtectiveStylingSeries this month. So I had my Crotchet Braids installed in a salon in the popular Adams Arcade market. It's really hidden in the stalls, so you'll have to actually know where you're going in order to find it. How I came across it? While thrift shopping for some clothes Haha! Anyway, The lady first plaited medium-sized cornrows, or as we like to call them "Lines", around my head, leaving out some hair in the front and back where she would plait normal braids which would hide the crotchet lines making them come off as regular braids. Pretty genius right?