Frovolution | Caroline’s Flexi Rod Set with Marini Naturals
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Caroline’s Flexi Rod Set with Marini Naturals


A few months ago I had the opportunity of working with Marini Naturals and the best hairstylist in town ,Saul Juma for the Marini Educational Campaign and boy did I enjoy getting #Marinified. The wait is finally over and the chance to share with y’all my #GetMarinified experience is here.


I showcase to you Marini Products on 3A/3B hair type. I am so in love with how Marini Products worked magic on my hair. The Flexi rod set came our looking so bomb. It was my first time ever getting someone else to do my flexi rod set and also using Marini Products and I was so excited to see the final result.



Saul started off by washing my hair using the Marini Naturals “Kind Cleanse” Sulfate-free Shampoo and I really loved its effect on my hair. The shampoo lathers easily and leaves your scalp with this minty feel. Its sulphate free and this means it doesn’t strip off your hair of its natural oils and this was a plus for me.


After that, he went ahead to spritz my hair using the Marini Naturals “Miracle Mist” Daily Moisture Spritz while sectioning my hair. In order to detangle my hair so as to enable easy styling, he used the Marini Naturals “Goodbye Tangles” Leave-in Conditioner. The leave-in conditioner works miracles for my hair. It detangles it and leaves it so bouncy and moisturized and so soft.



In order to set my hair using the flexi rods, he used the Marini Naturals “Curl-me-pretty” Curling Butter which ensures that your curls are defined and bouncy. After that I had to sit in the dryer for about an hour and a half for my hair to dry. The reason I stayed for that long is because my hair is a lot and long.



While taking the flexi rods down, he used the Marini Naturals Potent Hair Growth Oil so as to prevent the hair from tangling and ensuring we maintain its shine. After that he held my hair in an up do. I was really impressed with the results. Don’t my curls look so bombJ? #Marinified

To achieve this looks make sure you subscribe to Marini Naturals YouTube page to view the tutorial.










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